T-20 (jhumroo)

T-20 (jhumroo) the Gigantic and Manly Predator in Ranthambore   Ranthambore, the tigers’ heaven draws in tiger sweethearts to get the wonder of the most mainstream, the manly Jhumroo.T-20 (Jhumroo)is the most seasoned male in the recreation center that slid the line of the incomparable Machali, being her child. In the event that Machali isRead More

T-25 Dollar

Dollar, as the name given to this male tiger inferable from the (Dollar) shape on his correct flank stripe example has truly flabbergasted the tiger sweethearts. The narrative of Dollar is exceptionally fascinating and is the most impossible to miss character in Ranthambore. As a matter of first importance, his lofty appearance before the guests;Read More

T-19 Tigress

T-19 tigress the bashful leader of RanthamboreDestined to the well known Machali tigress, the T-19 tigress is otherwise called the “Jhalra Female”, the grouping given to this enormous feline according to her domain where she used to go through her days during her prime.Alongside Satara (T-17) and Athara (T-18), the T-19 was conceived during theRead More

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